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Projektanfang 01.02.2018
Projektende 31.01.2022
Themen Klima
Region EU
Status Aktuelle Projekte

SINCERE (Strengthening INternational Cooperation on climatE change Research)

SINCERE, consistent with the EU research and innovation policy, will strengthen open international climate change research and innovation cooperation involving European partners in support of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, including in the broader context of the Sendai Framework for Disaster reduction and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The project is a Coordination and Support Action under the umbrella of the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020, and it also serves as one of the organizers of the next European Climate Change and Adaptation Conference (ECCA) in 2021.

SINCERE aims to strengthen the delivery of the JPI Climate Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), building on existing collaborations, such as with other JPIs, the business sector and global financial institutions, and other key international research, policy and societal actors.

Expanding JPI Climate to include member countries in Eastern Europe is a particular goal. Two Flagship Actions, focused on the design of research and innovation collaborations in Africa and Latin America, aim to expand and deepen knowledge to support the uptake of climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, climate services and resilience to disasters linked to climate change. Targeted activities supported by an innovative outreach programme will enhance the international impact of JPI Climate research and innovation activities supporting both global science programmes and policy processes.

SINCERE is uniquely positioned to internationalise European climate change research and innovation collaboration, bringing together major national European research funding organizations represented in JPI Climate and a number of research performing organisations mandated by JPI Climate Governing Board members, along with new partners, including two international partners. SINCERE partners have contributed to setting up and implementing the JPI Climate SRIA. This brings the advantages of trust and ease of communication between SINCERE and the governance of JPI Climate, notably the Governing Board and its Executive Committee, as well as the Central Secretariat, which is based at the same institution as the SINCERE coordinator. MeteoSwiss is a junior partner in this project and contributes with its expertise in the field of climate services coordination, development and provision.